$mqttobj = mqtt_connect();

Connects to the MQTT broker defined in MQTT Gateway. Returns a $mqttobj object that can be used with Perl Modul Net::MQTT::Simple

LoxBerry Compatibility

This feature first is available with LoxBerry 2.2.1. Set your LB_MINIMUM version in your plugin.cfg accordingly.

The MQTT connection details are used from the MQTT Gateway settings, therefore the MQTT Gateway plugin needs to be installed.  

The $mqttobj connection can be used with the Perl library Net::MQTT::Simple that is included with LoxBerry.

The function returns undef, if the MQTT Gateway isn't reachable. 

mqtt_publish, mqtt_retain, mqtt_get

The "fire-and-forget" functions mqtt_publish, mqtt_retain and mqtt_get don't need to have a mqtt_connect() call before. These functions implicitely open an mqtt connection.  


use LoxBerry::IO;

my $mqtt = mqtt_connect();

$mqtt->subscribe( "my/topic", \&mqttmessage );
while(1) {

sub mqttmessage
	my ($topic, $message) = @_;
	print "Received: $topic: $message\n";