MQTT library phpMQTT.php

LoxBerry includes an external PHP library for MQTT, called Bluerhinos\phpMQTT (repo This class provides easy access to subscribe to topics, and to publish messages.

LoxBerry Compatibility

This library is included from LoxBerry 2.0. Use the LB_MINIMUM parameter in your plugin.cfg.

Inclusion example

require_once "loxberry_io.php";
require_once "phpMQTT/phpMQTT.php";

// Get the MQTT Gateway connection details from LoxBerry
$creds = mqtt_connectiondetails();

// MQTT requires a unique client id
$client_id = uniqid(gethostname()."_client");

// Value we'd like to publish
$value = 12345;

// Be careful about the required namespace on inctancing new objects:
$mqtt = new Bluerhinos\phpMQTT($creds['brokerhost'],  $creds['brokerport'], $client_id);
	if( $mqtt->connect(true, NULL, $creds['brokeruser'], $creds['brokerpass'] ) ) {
		$mqtt->publish("this/is/my/topic", $value, 0, 1);
	} else {
		echo "MQTT connection failed";

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