Automatic and manual plugin updates

LoxBerry enables automatic updates of installed plugins, as well as notifications for new versions.

The plugin needs to support this feature.

Configuration in the Plugin Management widget

Plugins supporting the automatic update feature, show the Automatic Updates button bar to configure the behaviour. If a plugin does not provide automatic updates, no buttons are shown.

Settings for automatic updates

Setting "Off"

There is neither an automatic update, nor a notification. Also on manual checks, this plugin is skipped.

Setting "Notify only"

Every day, LoxBerry checks for new releases and pre-releases. If a new version is available, a notification is sent. This notifications are shown on top of the Plugin Management widget. If you have configured your mail settings, you also receive a notification by email.

Setting "Releases" and "Pre- and Releases"

The plugin developer decides, if his new version should be a pre-release or a release. With these both settings the plugin is updated automatically to the new version. This happens without interaction. After the successfull auto-update a notification is sent - depending on your mail settings also by email.

Install new versions manually

You always can trigger to check for updates in the Plugin Management widget. The plugins must be configured to "Notify only", "Releases" or "Pre- and Releases" for this to work. Plugins set to "Off" are skipped duing the update check!

Press the "Re-Check for Updates" button.

This may take a while - after the check walk through your plugins:

If a new version is available, it is shown directly at the plugin:

Clicking "New Pre-Release" or "New Release" will bring you to an information page for the update, provided by the plugin developer.

Clicking the "Update Pre-Release" or "Update Release" button fills the plugin url to the installation field on top. There, you have to enter the SecurePIN to install the update.

Frequency of automatic updates and notifications

Up to and including LoxBerry 1.2.5 the check and notification occurs every week.

From LoxBerry 1.4 the check occurs daily.

For every new version you are only notified once, also if you delete the notification on top. (As opposed to Loxone: Yes, this is possible! (Zunge) )