Check if USB devices were automatically mounted

Ab LoxBerry 1.0.4 werden Datenträger am USB-Port automatisch eingebunden. 

Beginning with LoxBerry 1.0.4, storage devices connected to the usb ports are automatically mounted.

Check if mounting has correctly worked

By the web interface

  • Open the Filemanager widget 
  • Navigate to system/storage/usb

Every subfolder of usb represents one device. The name is statically assigned to this device, also if you disconnect and reconnect the device, independent to the used USB port.

This path can be used in plugins that allow to directly enter a path.

By the shell

Login to the shell with putty: Eine SSH-Verbindung mit putty aufbauen / Shell-Zugriff

Change to the /opt/loxberry/system/storage/usb directory (cd /opt/loxberry/system/storage/usb)

Every subdirectory represents one storage device on your USB ports.