My LoxBerry - Statistic Counter

The LoxBerry-Core-Developers would like to know how many LoxBerrys are out there. We just would like to know if it's worth it to spent so many hours in our spare time (Lächeln)

If activated, LoxBerry transmits once a week some statistic data over a secured https connection to We just want to know that your LoxBerry exists, which LoxBerry version and hardware platform you use and which plugins are run by your LoxBerry. This data helps us to improve the LoxBerry project.

We absolutely do not collect any private data from yourself, your miniserver or your private network. It works as follows:

At the very first start your LoxBerry creates a 128 character random key. We use a random key generator for creating this key. No hardware ids or similar are used. This key will be saved to your system. Once a week we transfer this random key, your LoxBerry version, your hardware architecture and the installed plugins via https to No more data will be transfered.

This way, we could count how many LoxBerrys are out there and which plugins should be developed most. You can find the statistic at

Of course you can deactivate this feature. But then, we will never know about your LoxBerry...

Unsure? Have a look at the source code which sends the data to our server: