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LoxBerry (English)

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  • See what LoxBerry can do for you: Whats New in V2.0.0 and Whats New in V2.2.0
  • You want to stay on LoxBerry 1.x? No problem! LoxBerry Update will not update to 2.0, if you do not allow the update. See Whats New in V1.4.3
  • New plugin developers: Visit the completely new SDK documentation of more than 100 articles about the LoxBerry 1.x/2.x features (Perl, PHP, Bash): Entwickler - Parts are in English
  • The user interface of LoxBerry supports these languages: English, Czech, Dutch, German, Spanish. You are invited to add your native language: Translation Guide for LoxBerry

Image Release V2.2

LoxBerry 2.2 supports Raspberry Pi 4, and all other Raspberry boards.

Image: Whats New in V2.2.0

Current: Whats New in V2.2.1

Update by using LoxBerry Update directly in LoxBerry.

(All What's New articles)

LoxBerry is a plugin platform for Raspberry Pi

LoxBerry and it's plugins add functionality to your Smart Home without using the command line. 

It is developed for Raspberry Pi, but maintainers have migrated LoxBerry to other plattforms and VMs. See the download section for available platforms.


Here's a detailed description how to install LoxBerry: https://www.loxwiki.eu/x/WISdA

English Wiki articles

Some German articles also are available in English. On that pages, you'll find a link at the top. A lot of the plugin SDK now is also available in English.

We invite you to translate German articles to English! Create new sub-articles below the German ones. We will link them.

Loxberry Downloads und Links

Current image: STABLE 2.2.0 (Link)

Current version: V2.2.1.2 | Whats New in V2.2.1

Update using LoxBerry Update

 LoxBerry Usage Statistics

For issues with Loxberry and plugins

Please use the forum LoxBerry or Plugins and add an issue report with screenshots. Add the used hardwareLoxBerry version and plugin version and send - if possible - logfiles of the issue.

Official LoxBerry Forum: www.loxforum.com (area LoxBerry)

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News on plugins

Hier geht's zur Übersicht aller Plugins.

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