LoxBerry Version 1.0 - BEYOND THE LIMITS (English)

LoxBerry version 0.2.3 is released since 4th October 2016. Since that time, there was - excepting one Update to support Raspberry 3 and another to make the LoxBerry 0.2.x compatible with the next LoxBerry generation - no new version.

After about 1 and a half year the LoxBerry-Core team, that are Michael Schlenstedt as founder, Christian Fenzl, Sven Thierfelder and Christian Wörstenfeld, the new LoxBerry V1.0.

A very BIG THANK YOU goes to the Core Team! 99,9% of the new code is from them, 99,9% of our Wiki documentation were written by the Core Team and last but not least, 99,9% of all new ideas are from them. Without the Core Team, the new version would have never been released.

But not only the Core developers were involved. During the beta test of the new LoxBerry, were silence about the new features was agreed, all plugin developers were involved, to find bugs and improvements, and - to be honest - it was a funny and relaxed atmosphere in the adequate WhatsApp group.

Therefore, also Thanks! to (in any sort order) Lukas, Michael Miklis, Oliver Lewald, Peter Bazala, Tholle, Dieter Schmidberger. Also nice to hear for the LoxBerry users: Beneath testing also some new features and corrections made it into the plugins.

The new features - with the automatic update features for Raspbian, LoxBerry and plugins leading the way - can be read in the What's New in LoxBerry V1.0 (English) artice.

Along with LoxBerry and it's plugins you may not save 50.000 movements in your Smart Home. But often it's enough to have only a single sorrow less on connecting your Smart Home to the rest of the world. Therefore, do it simple. Do it with LoxBerry.

Have fun with LoxBerry 1.0 - BEYOND THE LIMITS!

LoxBerry V1.0 Development in numbers

Nobody has counted the invested hours, but our code management at GitHub shows numbers about our "performance":

  • The main development time for LoxBerry V1.0 (formerly called  0.3.x Saruman) was from October 2017 until January 2018.

  • The closed beta period together with the plugin developers started at 6th January 2018.

  • 126 recorded bugs were fixed

  • 95 recorded feature requests (also whole "projects") were implemented.

  • 1.027 Commits - small to large changes on functionality - were done

  • LoxBerry 1.0 has about 20.000 lines of code more than 0.2.3. Besides, there is nearly no file that wasn't touched or reworked.

  • LoxBerry Wiki has about 100 new articles for plugin developers to document the new system features (SDK). A lot of SDK documentation now is available in English.

  • The main development weekday is Sunday, followed by Saturday (Lächeln) The statistic says so!

  • The slogan BEYOND THE LIMITS was created on 30. November 2017 at about 9 o'clock in a loxforum.com PM group conversation.